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محترم اساتذہ کرام! عیدالاضحی کی چھٹیوں کے سلسلے میں سکول 17 جون سے 20 جون تک بندرہے گا۔جمعہ 21 جون کو ان شاءاللہ حاضری ہوگی۔شکریہ


“The literacy meaning of education is to maintain the chronicle legacy of our fore fathers which has been imbibed from the spirits of Islam hundreds of years ago.”

The fundamental of education was, and is even today also, to enlighten the minds of the human beings to follow the path to redeem and to get them close to piety so as to enable them to differentiate between the right and wrong in the brief mundane life.

Without education nothing would have been possible for a man to understand correctly the aim of life. It reveals the secrets of universe and the happening in life coming here after.

It is the systematic process of disseminating intellectual, moral and social guidance to a child for a prolonged period of time in a formal way.

The process of learning and the attainment of illumination is a process left behind for us as a legacy by our ancestors to adhere to wholeheartedly.

The administration of Al Farooq teaching institution wishes to shoulder the responsibility in accomplishing the task to upgrade it to the college level of intermediate both for boys and girls. The ruling body is highly obliged to the elites, and elders of Distt: Buner to have insured us their full cooperation to make our endeavors a success and further to provide us their sincere opinions for the sustainable foot holding.

Education For All

The collage shall invite and welcome the interested students to register their names in the collage record, who may fulfill the terms and conditions of eligibility for admission under rules in vogue, w.e.f 1st July, 2007.

The dean of the collage feels immense pleasure to extend the students his utmost facilitation on their brilliant success in the secondary exam .he has optimum desire to harness them fully equipped to have courage to face the further challenges boldly the ruling body has taken the responsibility of search the gigantic task on its shoulder to give helping hand to the local government for solving the problem of illiteracy in general and increasing the female literacy in general and increasing the female literacy in particular . These daring efforts in spreading the cause of educations to logical conclusion would come only through the moral supports of the community and the respected members in the local governments in buner and its surroundings.

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