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محترم اساتذہ کرام! عیدالاضحی کی چھٹیوں کے سلسلے میں سکول 17 جون سے 20 جون تک بندرہے گا۔جمعہ 21 جون کو ان شاءاللہ حاضری ہوگی۔شکریہ

The Code Of Conduct

I solemnly declare:

That I shall always abide by the law of my country land and the ruling body of this institution to the best of my sagacity.

That I shall pay my due respect to my parents, my teachers and instructors and remain good and those junior to me.

That I shall work out my knowledge for the benefit of my country men who have tried their best rear me with their utmost care.

That I shall be proud to lead my life like a soldier and die for the sacred cause of Islam like a martyred.

That I shall cherish an idea in my mind add something to Islamic history so as to be remembered as a true Muslim.

Last, but not the least I shall consider it an honour to cure the ailing humanity with my moral and spiritual knowledge imbibed in my heart and soul through my training given to me in Al Farooq School & College.

A Word On Education

Time never remain constant. It is prone to a change and so is the case with education system. The education of today is not what it had been in the past to learn something from the books to pass the examination only and to get some employment. Rather all the traditional ways of getting education have now been subjected to a critical alternatives based on fulfilling the needs arising in the new era of computer.

The young generation at present, faces the test how to handle the situation in the technical field efficiently.

The children are in a constant need to be rightly familiar with the tech know-how being emerged around us speedily. Parents have also been found worried about their children to get them equipped with full awareness dynamically, specially in engineering and medical fields to appear in the competitive examination boldly through their sound background.

Al Farooq is the name to set aside the financial gains by that of moulding a child’s brain in a proper shape with lasting efforts. Emphasis is laid on pure religious beliefs, to exercise them in life term like a true Muslim. This is why “Al Farooq” has got itself recognized by all and sundry. We believe therefore, that public thoughts cannot be commanded, rather we invite and solicit the public to command us teach it in a far better way.

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