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محترم اساتذہ کرام! عیدالاضحی کی چھٹیوں کے سلسلے میں سکول 17 جون سے 20 جون تک بندرہے گا۔جمعہ 21 جون کو ان شاءاللہ حاضری ہوگی۔شکریہ


The revised name of the institution is “Al Farooq public school & Collage” the institution was so for dispensing education to matriculation level .the collage would now be a part of the institution and would function with in its premises.

The dominant building of white marble color is located in the ever green valley of distt; buner at a stone throw distance from the crossing point of swari and swat roads in the jowkhela town ship. The sign board at the road crossing may give the respected visitors a right direction to approach the site without feeling any strain.

The collage has an exclusive charming location at the foot of the sky high mountain,
The Elum which has a legendary status in the area, lies to the west and an alluring superb of the divine shrine of a renown saint pir baba to the north east. The collage has a hygienic and pollution free environment around it , a dire neccesety for the students and scholars to breath in the picturesque location of al Farooq is worth seeing.

The college has been affiliated with board intermediate and secondary education Saidu Sharif Swat and bound to run in accordance with its rules and regulations.

The college is linked with the public transport authority and conveyance is available from dawn to dusk and the college can be reached at without wasting a single moment.


An activity based learning.

Our slogan is to illuminate those who come to accept our guidance in giving them a true vision and a right understanding in the attainment of specific knowledge in the light of Islamic virtues.

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